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Rebecca’s Story

Let’s talk about this! Women don't often open up about their vaginal health and I know it’s not a typical dinner table conversation. Like you, I've experienced excruciating pain while urinating. Our conditions may be different but the pain we feel is the same. I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes  and urine became like a toxic venom! As a female friend in a similar situation once said, “urinating is like pouring acid on 1,000 tiny paper cuts.”





I began, like many of you, searching the internet to find a solution before the next time I had to urinate. Unfortunately, none of these ideas or products helped reduce or eliminate the pain during urination.


Finding no viable solutions on the market, I was determined to create a solution. Now six years later, and after a lot  of research, prototypes and testing, I am proud to present to the other 16 million women in the United States and millions more globally that suffer needlessly from external painful urination that solution. Alivio!  Spanish for “relief”, Alivio is a convenient, affordable, and discrete disposable female urinary assist device that helps reduce and/or eliminate the pain associated with urination.  I no longer have to “hold it in” as long as I can. The Alivio device has changed my life, and I am confident that it will change yours too.


Rebecca Hjorth, Founder and President of RH Medical Design Company

Alivio, is made of a soft, flexible and comfortable material. It is designed to have a narrow opening to prevent urine from contacting open wounds. For those who may not need as much protection, the opening is expandable. After use, simply throw Alivio away, it is disposable and biodegradable. 

Alivio, is effective in helping the following conditions:

  • Genital Herpes

  • Yeast Infections

  • Vaginal tearing after childbirth

  • Vaginal Atrophy 

  • Vulvovaginal irritation

  • Reducing vaginal itch

  1. Sit on the toilet with legs spread wide; about a 10’o clock and 2 o’clock position.

  2. Hold the Alivio device with your dominant hand.

  3. With the other hand, use your first and second fingers to make an upside down “v” to spread apart the labial folds.

  4. While holding that position, take the Alivio device and locate the vagina using the vaginal nub.

  5. Once you have inserted the nub, tip the opening towards the body and press lightly.

  6. You are now in the optimum position for use.


Women’s bodies are all a little different and you may need adjustments for personal success. For best results, use the device when your urge to urinate is present but not too strong.

*DO NOT reuse Alivio as it may lead to further infections!

Instructions for Use

As we focus on relief and comfort for women, our priority is your safety. Therefore, we only use safe and reliable materials as directed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and International Standards for material safety.  Alivio is made of thermoplastic elostomer (TPE) that is proven to be safe for external use. TPE is used in other products such as catheters. It is medical grade material that has been tested to International Biocompatibility Standards and is widely accepted by professionals, scientists and health authorities.

We also care about the environment. The Alivio device is designed for single-use only. Like many other personal care products, Alivio cannot be flushed. It is engineered to be biodegradable in landfills, but flushing is not ideal for Alivio disposal. The Alivio device cannot be processed by wastewater-treatment facilities and they can harm septic systems. Please help us help the environment by disposing the Alivio device securely in the trash.


Alivio is specifically designed to funnel urine away from the urinary and vaginal tissue by covering/shielding the tissue (sores and tears) that would otherwise be exposed to urine, providing much desired relief and comfort and in many cases eliminating painful urination. Sores and tears may come from a variety of sources including vaginal tearing following childbirth, genital herpes, yeast infections and vaginal atrophy to name a few.


Use of the Alivio device can be intimidating. You may want to practice using it while in the shower your first time. The soft pliable material makes Alivio comfortable to use when placed against your body. It is easy to hold in place and the vaginal nub makes it intuitive to place in the perfect location.

Alivio is disposable and biodegradable and is intended for one-time use only to prevent the spread of disease or infection.


You can now take a deep breath knowing that there you don’t need to experience terrible pain any longer!

How It Works

What is Alivio?